Cherokee County Georgia Research 2012

General Research Update

The Dautzenleins are closing in on some more of the historical sites of interest that we’ve been researching for some time now.

We have been Dautzenleining these “lost” sites:

– One of the earliest plantations in the Cherokee County area

– Two of the earliest settler’s original home sites

– One Cherokee hidden cache. We’re not sure what kind of cache it is, or if it is still there, but Dautzenleins are pointing to it!  While true, we only mention this to assure that you will come back, from time to time, to check out our blog.

– O.K,  One “lost” gold mine.  Will that get you to visit us again?

Note: We are not “treasure hunters”.  

The only treasures we seek are the preservation of historical data, the understandings about the people involved in those histories, and the joy of learning and discovery created via our research and the application of The Theory.

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