Details re: Fort Buffington Location Theory

Fort Buffington

Cherokee County, Georgia


(Update 2019) : Our book, The Curious Disappearance of Fort Buffington has been released in paperback.

(December 2015)   Update!!!!

In August 2015, Vogt-Dautzenlein discovered a historic site believed to be that of Fort Buffington. See our post of December 7, 2015.

 (July 2014)  Update: Research over the last two years has led us to focus our attention on the “traditional” location for Ft. Buffington, in the Buffington community 5 miles east of Canton. We firmly believe that Hickory Flat has some close connection to the fort. Neither the location of the Fort or the connection to Hickory Flat has been definitively established. We have assembled new data and research into a book available from and are still actively researching both areas. The posting below is still valid and will stand as a possibility until an exact fort location has been found.)

Vogt-Dautzenlein would like to release its findings on the location of the lost Cherokee Removal fort – Fort Buffington.

Through the application of the Vogt-Dautzenlein Theory, and contrary to the long held belief that the fort was located off Highway 20 east of Canton, Georgia near the town of Ft. Buffington, our research places the fort at a specific site more than 5 miles away. This new location meets more of the historical criteria known about the fort’s location.

At first glance, it would seem foolhardy to suggest that the Fort Buffington was not located at Fort Buffington, Georgia!

Perhaps if we had any reputation at all to protect, we would be more cautious and overlook a preponderance of facts but we have to go with the facts and the convergences of the Dautzenleins. (Ref. The Vogt-Dautzenlein Theory)

Known data regarding the fort and the data we Dautzenleined:

– It was near Canton, Georgia.

– It was north of Alabama Rd

– Captain E. Buffington selected the site of the fort in response to orders from Captain Lindsay.

– There was a map made by General Winfield Scott’s cartographer – Lieut. Keyes that gives distances between Removal forts and shows their relative locations.

– There are very detailed Quartermaster records of items received at the fort.

– There was a claim submitted to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1860 by a landowner who claims his property was the location of the fort and there were damages to property caused by the soldiers cutting down his timber for building the barracks, stables, corn cribs, block-houses, forge, and pickets. There were also losses due to use of timber for fuel and damage done by Cherokee while on the property. Specific land lots are included in this claim and are near the town of Ft. Buffington.

– There are a few valuable first hand accounts of the fort.

– The fort was built and manned between Oct. 1837 and July 1838 – and then abandoned.

– A block-house of the fort and plans for its relocation and preservation efforts were mentioned in an 1895 newspaper article.

– In spite of the above-mentioned facts – the fort’s location has remained a mystery for almost 120 years!

A new look at the “old” facts

Our interest and research about Ft. Buffington came about suddenly and   “accidentally” during a different line of research.

We want to acknowledge and thank the many people and sources who have helped make this theory move toward reality. Their names are momentarily being withheld “to protect the innocent” in case this wild theory gets shot down. When the risk of embarrassment is over, they will be fully acknowledged.

After Dautzenlining all this data, we have determined the lost location is in the vicinity of – Hickory Flat, Georgia.

Hickory Flat is located almost straight south of the town of Fort Buffington.

Update 2019 : Our book, The Curious Disappearance of Fort Buffington has been released in paperback.

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