We need your help!

A week ago, earth-moving equipment showed up on the site that we believe was the location of Fort Buffington. This is not good news if our theory is correct. We’ve known for some time that “progress” would catch up to this piece of history. We just thought we had a bit more time.

Vogt-Dautzenlein needs just one more piece of evidence to establish enough proof of the site so the agencies that can help preserve the site can work their magic. At the moment, archeological digging is not an option and we need documentary evidence.

If you know of any first-hand accounts of the fort, any family lore, any diaries, any receipts, any letters, any rumors about Fort Buffington, itself, or stories about it, please contact us.

Sometimes a seemingly insignificant thing can make all the difference so don’t hold back!  This last missing link could even be a reference to a wall, a building, or something seen at “show and tell” in grade school in 1929 that wasn’t known to be related to the fort. It could be something in the background of an old photo taken here in northwest Georgia.

The last known sighting of the fort was in 1895 – then it just “disappeared”.

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