There are always two sides of every story.

We’ve all heard the old saying, “there are always two sides to every story”.  It’s a good saying and it usually has to do with some sort of disagreement.

More accurately it could be stated: “there are always at least two ways to view each Dautzenlein.” Since a Dautzenlein is the connection between two dots, the line can be viewed from either dot “toward” the other dot.  It is the view-point that changes – not the dots or lines.

In the new Dautzenlein Publications™ book, The Hidden History of Lake Allatoona, there is an observation about the old roads of the area.

Since early roads had no names, they were called things like “the road to Canton” or “the road to Marietta”. In this case, those two roads are the same road! They were named by what is at the other end of the road – from where one was standing, and in which direction one was going. The names got shortened and today we have “Canton Road” in Marietta and “Marietta Road” in Canton, even though the towns are 20 miles apart.

In Northwest Georgia, roads change names at least once every 5 or 10 miles. So two people can be talking about how to get somewhere and get totally bewildered looks on their faces until they realize they are talking about the same road that has different road names. Until that moment of recognition, they are in disagreement and confusion about how to get there. Then, all of a sudden there is complete agreement and understanding! It’s magical!

It would seem that disagreements could be viewed as Dautzenleins. If each “dot’s” viewpoint and underlying “intention” were observed and understood by the other dot, there may still be two different viewpoints but understanding would replace disagreement, and discussion replace discord.

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