New e-Book Release from Dautzenlein Publications!


Dautzenlein Publications has just released the ebook: The Hidden History of Lake Allatoona: The Sixes, Cherokee Mills, Little River Area.

It is available from Amazon at:

“Today, looking out across the broad expanse of the Lake Allatoona reservoir, most people just see a big lake. One might have difficulty imagining how this area looked before the dam was built, with the Little River flowing down to join the larger Etowah River at their confluence.

 * A confluence is the spot where two rivers meet and flow together.

 Lake Allatoona is formed by the dammed up waters of these two ancient, winding rivers.


Looking down the Little River, from behind the Little River Grill, toward the Etowah River where an old Indian Village once stood. Just out a short distance from the ends of the docks is the former location of historic Cherokee Mills and its dam, and on June 16, 1864, a Civil War skirmish took place just a few yards from here.

 The primary focus of this book covers a radius of about two miles from the central point where the two rivers still flow together, deep below the surface of Lake Allatoona.  This is considered the “Sixes “ area, named for a Cherokee village once located here.

 The confluence is an unusual spot, surrounded by an incredible amount of rich history. It is a small epicenter or focal point of Dautzenleins spanning out and touching almost every aspect of North Georgia and its people – past, present, and future.

 As you will soon find out, places like Sixes, Cherokee Mills, and Little River are keys to understanding the history of this area.”


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