Connecting the Dots

“Connect the dots.” We’ve all heard this term before but what does it mean to “Connect the dots”?

From the children’s game where a seemingly random group of numbered dots are connected by lines to create a picture that was unseen until the process is completed.

It means to observe a person, place, thing, or event as well as the connection(s) it has to other persons, places, things, or events in order to attain understanding.

1. Every dot (person, place, thing, or event) is something intrinsically, all by itself.

2. Every dot does something or serves a function.

3. Every dot has connections to other dots. These connections determine value, relevance, and provide fuller understanding of the dot.

A simple way of looking at this is: What is it? What does it do? What relevance does it have?

The new word “Dautzenlein” (dots-n-line) combines this whole concept into one word.


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