“Putting two and one together”

“Putting two and one together” is just like “putting two and two together”, only different!

“Putting two and two together”, “Two plus two is four”, and “Two plus two makes four”, are sayings that mean “things add up” or “make sense”. They’ve been used for years and are very well known.

In the area of research, investigation, and life, the terms, “Putting two and one together”,  “Two plus one is three” or “Two plus one makes three” could be said to be more precise ways of conveying that same “makes sense” idea – that one has discovered a most basic element of any relationship or connection, the Dautzenlein – two dots and one line (two people, places, things, or events and a connection between them).

Certainly there are infinite connections to be found but first we have to “put two and one together”!

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