“Spot the Dots and Define the Line”

We have discovered that the Dautzenlein* is the most basic element of Common Sense. (*Dautzenlein – Two dots connected by a line  i.e., people, places, or things and the intention, motivation, or relevance between them).   More here.

When people think of Common Sense they often think that it is something that one has or doesn’t have, something possessed.

Common sense is actually something one does. It is an action or ongoing actions. It is not static because life is not static. The only thing certain is change and common sense is the only “thinking”  that can keep up with and adapt to that rapid and varying change.

Common sense views the elements of the Present (and the Past) and how they are likely to move into the Future. Common sense is using our senses to discern what is and what will be.

One can acquire, train, and use the ability to think commonsensically. One just has to spot the dots and define the line.

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