The Little River Marina – Cherokee Mills – Historical Connections

Many people who know of Little River Marina on Lake Allatoona in Cherokee County, Georgia have no idea about the amazing history of that very spot and the region around it.

To most it looks like an everyday section along the shores of Lake Allatoona. Who would suspect that they are standing on a spot where a Civil War skirmish took place, or that Cherokee crossed the Little River here on their way along the Trail of Tears, or that ancient Indians lived here before it became part of the Cherokee Nation?

Would one know that one of the earliest mills in the area, one that provided flour for the gold miners up the road at Sixes and Cherokee Mines, was located just a few hundred feet down river from the present bridge? McConnell’s Mill, later called Cherokee Mills, was located just beyond the docks behind Little River Grill.

There is so much history to be discovered in this area. Get details and stories here.


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