May 25th, 1838 – Cherokee Removal begins in Georgia

One of the darkest events in Georgia history began 178 years ago, today.

The Removal of the Cherokee and the Trail of Tears started with collection of the Cherokee remaining within the Cherokee Nation in Georgia. They were then moved west of the Mississippi River, mostly to Oklahoma. When completed, a whole nation of people had been uprooted and relocated. A whole nation of tens of thousands of citizens, property and business owners, farmers, men, women, children, and slaves – all gone!

This story with all its complexities and details can be read about in our books or hundreds of other books. The intricate web of lies, deceit, broken agreements and treaties, heartbreak and suffering is almost beyond belief!

Perhaps this simplified version will clarify things:

A peaceful people allowed limited numbers of aliens from a neighboring country to petition to stay, work, and live within the Cherokee Nation.

Illegal aliens, some with hidden agenda, seeking the vast opportunities of this beautiful, bountiful land began to break the law and pour into the Nation through its vast borders.

The Cherokee were overwhelmed by the changes and demands of the interlopers (intruders).

Eight to ten years later, the Cherokee people- virtually every man, woman, and child – were thrown out of their own country!

The subtle invasion and conquest of a peaceful people.

A Nation gone forever…

hmmm…kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?