Today’s Newspaper Article: Mis-statements regarding the Trail of Tears in Bartow County, Georgia

Our research concerning one of the possible routes of the Trail of Tears through Bartow County , Georgia has just been incorrectly attributed, grossly misquoted, and woefully mis-stated in a Cartersville, Georgia, newspaper article.

To a researcher, this feels like the term “fake news” they talk about on TV , these days.

These kinds of errors, intentional or unintentional, create further mis-information and undermine years of careful and methodical research. Much of our time is spent correcting the mis-information of past historians, and others, that does not match newly discovered, primary source material.

Mistakes happen, we all make them. It just means that now we have even more mis-information to correct.

On the bright side, if this article inspires someone to uncover that last confirming or refuting piece of evidence, it will have had a beneficial effect.

We have spent the last 10 years gathering historical facts.

The shock of reading an article that has incorrect “facts” attributed to our research is mind-boggling to say the least!

Within the next week, our research report: Trail of Tears Round-up Routes: Fort Buffington and Sixes Encampment to Fort Wool at New Echota will be available via this site. Check back for the real story.

Link to Report.