Words of Wisdom for 2019

7th January 2019
It seems only fitting at the beginning of a new year to reflect upon some words of wisdom that were gleaned from research we did over the past year. There’s no particular reason why these words of wisdom were chosen, only that they had some reference to what we learned over the last year, and may have some reference to the year ahead.

In this piece we will not try to expand upon these words of wisdom, we will just put them out there. At some later date we may revisit this but for right now, they are simply, words of wisdom

Number one:

It may not be your fault but it becomes your responsibility.

Number two:

Let your most prized possessions be only those that will survive a shipwreck.




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Dautzenleins: Making sense of things

Dautzenlein making sens of things .1

A second look at the preface to one of our Dautzenlein books.

Look at something around you.  Whatever you see, there is more to it than first meets the eye.  There are “hidden” connections waiting to be discovered.

Dautzenleins are these connections, the vehicles to unlock the doors of discovery and understanding.

 Dautzenleins  (pronounced   “dots -n- lines”) are the connections of people or things, places, dates, and events.

Dautzenleins are invitations to look and see “what else” is around you; to discover the “dots and lines” that connect everything.

Discovery makes life exciting!

Whether one discovers a new person, place, or idea, or discovers another way to look at something, it leads to understanding.

All of life and history is a continuing discovery of the Dautzenleins around us.

This book presents the basics of a new way of viewing things so you can begin to understand the power of the Dautzenlein. Remember, too, that this is the first presentation of the theory and further evolution is probable. Later books will look at applications of the Dautzenlein and its Theory.


We’ve all played the game “Connect the Dots” where a piece of paper has a large, random, group of numbered dots on it and when lines are drawn connecting the dots … a picture emerges. The simple “Rule” of that game is: Draw lines connecting the dots, in numerical order, starting with #1.

Had we been given the piece of paper and not known the “rule”, we might have carefully examine each dot on the page, individually, without connecting them with lines, without searching for the next dot to connect, and then wondered … what good is this?

History (and all of life) is like that piece of paper with many random dots on it… only the dots aren’t numbered! 

NOT NUMBERED!!! How can we play the game and connect the dots if the dots aren’t numbered?” How can we make sense of this?  Well, that’s a good question!

We’ve heard the term “connecting the dots” which means to observe the elements of a situation or event, investigate their inter-connections, and discover the “real story” or the motivations surrounding the event so we can get the “big picture”.

We are constantly impacted by people, things, places, and events of the past and present, and how they relate to each other and to us. Some of these relationships are easy to see, while others often go unseen, almost hidden, even though they are very relevant and intriguing pieces of the picture.

If we view people, places, and artifacts as “Dots”, and view the rivers, roads, ideas, communications, and commerce as “Lines”, we can connect the “Dots” and “Lines” and discover some amazing and interesting aspects of history!

Our “Rule”: No dot exists without, at least, one line connected to it and no line exists without at least two dots connected to it.

From the above rule, we see that the smallest Dautzenlein unit is: two dots connected by one line.

 These connections act as the “missing number” of each dot by automatically connecting the dot to the next numberless dot in the sequence.

 Discover any connection, and more dots and lines will begin to fall into place from there… just start connecting!

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“Putting two and one together”

“Putting two and one together” is just like “putting two and two together”, only different!

“Putting two and two together”, “Two plus two is four”, and “Two plus two makes four”, are sayings that mean “things add up” or “make sense”. They’ve been used for years and are very well known.

In the area of research, investigation, and life, the terms, “Putting two and one together”,  “Two plus one is three” or “Two plus one makes three” could be said to be more precise ways of conveying that same “makes sense” idea – that one has discovered a most basic element of any relationship or connection, the Dautzenlein – two dots and one line (two people, places, things, or events and a connection between them).

Certainly there are infinite connections to be found but first we have to “put two and one together”!

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