Victoria Harbor Marina – Victoria Landing – Lovingood’s Bridge – Historical Connections

Victoria Harbor Marina is a busy place on the shore of Lake Allatoona. How did it get its name?

The name Victoria comes from the name of a town or community that used to exist about a mile up the road from the marina at the crossroad. The town was located on what was then called Lovingood Road which went down to Lovingood’s Bridge and across the Etowah River.This road is now called Victoria Landing Dr.

The Etowah River is the main river that forms Lake Allatoona. Lovingood’s Bridge spanned the river almost straight out from the restaurant at the marina. Lovingood’s Bridge was mentioned often in Civil War dispatches as it was one of the few bridges across the river at that time and was used by both Union and Confederate forces during Sherman’s march through the area..

Samuel Lovingood, Jr owned the bridge, ferry, and mill near here. Samuel came to the area in the 1850’s. After the bridge was washed away in a flood, Lovingood operated a ferry at this location. The place where the ferry came to the shore was called a “landing”. The one here was called Lovingood or Victoria Landing.

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