Politics, Candidates, Promises, and Predictions

In the section “Dautzenleins and the Esoteric”, the Dautzenlein Theory states that: “Dautzenleins are, in fact, the physical universe records of the intentions of beings via their creations.”

This leads to a Dautzenlein Corollary:

In the physical universe, you can only discern and measure the Intention (Lein),after the fact, by observing the physical universe creation (Daut).

It’s like the saying: The Proof’s in the pudding. (The saying is actually, the proof is in the eating of the pudding). Thus the pudding must be completed and sampled (tasted) before one knows the content.

This is fine if we are looking at history but what if we are looking at the present as it approaches the future?

What if we would rather find out what we are in for before something is complete and in place? This “look into the future” isn’t sorcery, fortune-telling, or magic…it’s common sense!

Some people use intuition, gut-feelings, sixth sense, etc. Those are great if you have them and they are accurate but what about those who do not have such abilities?

How do we forecast the potential Dautzenleins yet to be created by the Intentions of the individual(s), groups, their actions, or plans?

Dautzenleins, Dautzenlein Projections, and ”connecting the dots”, all come together as Common Sense and can develop predictions about what is to be created or experienced.

Connect existing Dautzenleins out into the future and remember, the intention is the key.


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